Like Sewing ? Here Some Good Resources You Should Look At!

Sewing is a great hobby and can be very handy if you are talented enough to design clothes for yourselves. Buying readymade garments from thrift shops then adding your own spin to them can make you look unique and stand out from the crowd. Below I discuss some of the best online resources to lean sewing.

Sewing Fanatic Diary


This is written by a great sewing girl. She calls her blog ‘her shopping cave’ where you can find all types of sewn products and very useful tips and tricks. Who knows, maybe you are lucky enough to open the blog on a day when she is distributing some of her valuable giveaways.

Tilly and the Buttons


Dresses can be the hardest stuff to sew. Most of us tend to buy the dresses to spare some time and get best quality. You won’t do that anymore when you start following this website. It is mainly specialized in dresses with tons of tips and tricks to make better dresses than the ones you buy.

True Bias


Modern style lovers, you will definitely like this. This is a specialized website in modern styles with lovely pictures and demonstrative steps. I love those people sharing their experiences with passion.

Vintage Sewing Patterns


A blog website full of vintage styles. It is a rare style and needs people of unique style and taste to like this style. But she is one of the best in this style and following her blog will definitely help you make your own clothes of vintage patterns.


You can call it an international blog. Every post has a DIY for a style from a country. Once from Paris, once from New York, once from Germany. Through this website you can find your style from all around the world and start sewing it.

Keep following blogs and practicing everything you learn. Maybe you will start your business one day and have your own fashion store.