Not in love with your Kitchen? Here’re some tips!

Are you selecting a kitchen for your new home and don’t know what to look for. Kitchen is one of the most private places in the house, especially for cooking lovers. For some, it can be more private than one’s own bedroom. The hardest thing about selecting the kitchen is that the most important elements are the hidden ones. You should take great care selecting it, so here are some of the tips that definitely will help you:

Tile Placement

First thing to account for is where the tile will be placed. There are different styles in the combination between the tiles and kitchen material. Some people prefer to place the tiles behind the store, some prefer to place it under the upper cabinets.

Whatever your favorite style is, you should decide on it before selecting your kitchen.


Then comes the color. Some people have problems visualizing color combinations so get tile samples and color tapes. Stick them to the wall and observe how they match. This will lead you to decide for tile color and kitchen color which means you are half way there.


Choose your cabinets with care. They are positioned in eye level so most probably they are the things you see most frequently in your kitchen, in addition to being the most functional place for you. Decide whether you want to pull out the drawers or move rotary cabinets. In addition to selecting the perfect material combination.

The best thing to choose from is wood, it is more durable and stylish, however being more expensive than other choices that can be of nearly equal look.


Finally select your flooring. Vinyl has always been the classical choice for nearly every home, but today other materials are available; ceramics, wood, subway tiles, and slate. In addition to the look, you should feel comfortable walking on it as you will spend a good deal of time standing in the kitchen.

After selecting your kitchen and having it ready, don’t forget to learn some special recipes to cook some delicious food in this kitchen.